To have perfect skin, in addition to the normal washing procedure, ladies will use makeup remover to get rid of the residual makeup and excessive sebum, so that nutrients of toner and lotion can be easily absorbed to the skin. Likewise, thorough cleansing is also the first step for perfect hair.

With Rêveur non-Silicon shampoo, it cleanses your hair thoroughly, nutrients can therefore be absorbed easily and make your hairs healthy and vibrant.
healthy hair cuticle
damaged hair cuticle
Beautiful hair are constructed by closely jointed cuticle. Cuticle of damaged hair fall off. Moisture, nutrients and protein drained away, which seriously affects hair appearance and its texture of smoothness.
Rêveur particularly added its unique cuticle-repair hydrolyzed pea protein at the formula, which repairs your hair cuticle at every single shampoo, flourishing your hair with lucent and baby’s skin-liked texture, we name this perfect state as “Baby Cuticle”. The texture of the cuticle-repaired hair is silky and free from tangle, to give you an unprecedented enjoyment.
Beneficial substances which nurture our live is coming from the mother earth nature. Rêveur comprise with various naturally extracted ingredients to moisturize, gloss and revitalize your hair.

The superior micro Bubble Pack of Rêveur non-Silicon Shampoo, the bubble are far smaller and smoother, it can effectively prevent hair chafe and tangle during the Shampoo Process, it also helps for nutrients absorption.

Please apply it all over your hair, massage into lather and wait for few minutes, nutrients and moisturizing ingredients will be deeply diffused into your hair.